An exciting task

We have just solved an exciting task for a customer, where a mobile 75 kVA generator had to be renovated after the generator unit itself had become defective. The defective generator as well as the electrical panel and wiring were dismantled. The canopy was then sandblasted and painted, after which the new generator unit was adapted and fitted. If you have a task, big or small, we are happy to help with suggestions and improvements.

2024-01-17T15:37:53+01:009. March 2023|News|

Generators on stock

In the world market, there are generally long delivery times for generators This is due to supply and demand at a time when war and great uncertainty in the supply area are prevalent. At Stampes Elektro, we have made an effort and can now offer generators at good prices and fast delivery within 4-6 weeks. Right now we have several generators on stock. All in a closed canopy and with automatic start-up/switching in case of mains failure. We have [...]

2024-01-17T15:35:08+01:0020. January 2023|News|

New Generatorset just delivered.

Stampes Elektro has just delivered another backup solution to a company in the public supply sector. The generator system backs the operation of a climate pump station up, which in the event of a cloudburst will ensure that surface water is pumped away to a nearby river. The system is 500 KVA and is equipped with a VOLVO Penta 13 Liter Diesel engine. The electrical panels for the task are built by our sister company Holtec Automatic - Vest [...]

2021-04-15T13:28:44+01:007. April 2021|News|

Testequipment with variable voltage and frequency

The testunit are used to test machines and other equipment, designed for voltages and frequencies that differs from the locally avaliable. Typical costumers are maschinebuilders, delivering their machines worldwide. The testunits is build with at motor/generator set, making it possible to produce different frequencies (typically 50 and 60 Hz) and variable voltages from 100 – 750 Vac for 1- and 3-phase loads. Making it possible til verify the expected behavior and consumption af the maschines. Stampes Elektro has delivered [...]

2024-01-17T15:27:55+01:0026. February 2021|News|
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