It’s a good idea to have a service agreement to put your mind at ease about how well your generator is working.

With a service agreement, we contact you, at the desired intervals, to agree on an inspection appointment.

The frequency of inspections is adjustable; it depends on the generator type and on how critical it is to your operation.

Service inspection

A service inspection will typically include the following:

  • Change of oil and oil filter
  • Diesel filter and air filter are changed as needed
  • Testing of coolant/frost protection and battery water, refilling as needed.
  • Checking hoses, pipes and gaskets for leaks.
  • Testing of battery and barn system.
  • Retightening and control of electrical terminals and connections.
  • Control and inspection of diesel engine, disc coupling, fan belt.
  • Control of generator, bearings, diodes and AVRs.
  • Generator plant is started and tested. Voltage, current and frequency are measured.
  • After service, a test report is produced.

Any required reparations shall be agreed and settled.