Generator plants for any purpose

Stampes Elektro has extensive experience in the operation, maintenance and construction of generator plants for a wide range of purposes.

We provide complete solutions that are specified and built in partnership with our customers, ensuring that the customer’s needs are met – every time!

Plants of all sizes

We supply plants of all sizes, from small and transportable plants to large fixed installations. The smaller plants are in storage and can be purchased from our online shop, whereas larger plants are purchased at home after ordering.

Generators for a wide range of industries

Service contracts that ensure that the generator works

For the vast majority of industries, “downtime” is disastrous for production; therefore, outages need to be avoided at all costs.

An outage can be costly and can put products or animals at risk; therefore, an emergency power plant can prove to be a good investment.

By having a service agreement with us, you can ensure that the device also works as it should when it is needed. See more here

Experienced employees

We have extensive experience in servicing, repairing and building emergency power and generator plants. Our employees are therefore equipped to solve any task related to this field.

We are happy to visit for any complications or difficulties with the plant, and willing to provide advice and guidance on purchasing a generator.

Any questions?

Do also see our FAQ where you can find answers to some of the most common questions related to the selection of generator plants.

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