Stampes Elektro is a well-established company in Western Jutland. We have had a workshop and office in Ringkøbing since 1961, from which we have been servicing our customers in the local area.

Thanks to recent developments in the field of automation, the company has evolved in this direction. Hence, we now provide automation solutions to a wide range of companies: locally, nationally and internationally. However, we have never forgotten our roots, and the electric workshop is still fully engaged in the repair and maintenance of electromechanical equipment.

Product areas

The company engages in a wide range of tasks within our 3 main segments:

  • Automation
  • Generator Plants
  • Electro

Our skilled employees are always ready to help and advise on small and large matters alike: whether it concerns the sale of parts and components, or the development of comprehensive solutions.

Industry areas

Stampes Elektro are supplier to a wide range of different industries, including;

  • Wind energy
  • Machine Builders (OEM)
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Gravel sites
  • Production companies